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HL-219 Rectifier Bridge Forming Machine

Device function 1*This equipment is a combined model, divided into three parts: a, vibrating plate feeding b. The main machine cuts the feet c., the molding part 2*The foot cutting unit and the vibrating feeding unit can be used separately or combined. 3*The best auxiliary equipment for mass production and short-foot work 4*Packing: Bulk 5*Simple operation, easy maintenance 6*This machine is suitable for cutting long and short feet, playing K-position, bending feet, etc. (The shape of the molding can be customized according to customer requirements.)   Technical parameter Size: L1400*W1000*H500(mm) Voltage: AC220V 50/60HZ Forming foot pitch: more than 2.0 mm adjustable *Cut length 2.5mm-28mm *Body length: 3-25mm *Wire diameter: 0.4-2.0mm *Production speed: 4000pcs/H (adjustable) *Product length: L=5-30mm (can be customized according to customers)   Incoming material Remarks: Different materials cannot be used in one machine     Video introduction Tube loading type:     Bulk material type:  
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