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ZDJ-11 Handheld Automatic Lock Screw Machine

Function: The automatic locking screw machine breaks the traditional operation process of taking screws by hand. The machine will automatically transport a screw to the top of the batch mouth at the moment of lifting the bit head, and press the screw driver to automatically complete the locking and payment. The whole process is 0.4- 0.8 seconds each time, it saves the time of moving the hand to grab the screw and aligning the screwdriver, and avoids the secondary pollution caused by manually taking the screw. Versatility, suitable for non-fixed-point jobs. Work count, material shortage intelligent alarm. Save labor, low noise, high stability, greatly improve production efficiency, suitable for product assembly and assembly line operations   Technical parameter: Host (L×W×H) 420mm*280mm*200mm  Supply method automatic Host (L×W×H) ¢30×200mm conveying distance 1-4m Batch weight 250g Feeding method automatic Host input voltage 220V work count Have power 20W Automatic supply speed 0.5-0.7秒/颗 Applicable screw types any Lock payment speed 60-90pcs/min Applicable screwdriver adaptation Silo capacity 2500-3000 pieces Screw Specifications M1.0-M6.0 Torque 0.2-19(kg) screw length 3.0mm-25mm Torque accuracy ±3% Applicable depth 0mm-40mm Torque adjustment adjustable working pressure 2-5kg/c㎡ Rotating speed (600-2000) optional  
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