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Hl-6620 Type Double Table Four Axis Curve Splitter

Using two mobile platforms as PCB exchange upper and lower substrate devices can effectively reduce the idle time of the machine, thereby achieving higher production efficiency, and the production capacity is increased by 3 to 4 times that of manual sub-board.

Hl-618 Type Online Knife Automatic High-speed Splitting Machine

The fully automatic high-speed online cutting and stripping machine is an automatic equipment with horizontal stripping, which further improves the quality and efficiency of stripping. When the board is divided, it can be connected to the connection table of the board machine to realize automatic board placement without manual board placement. The slitted board is transported through the assembly line to greatly save manpower, and fully realize unmanned board separation operation.

PCB Board splitter (manual)

PCB board splitter (manual)

CUT substrate splitter (knife type)

CUT substrate splitter (knife type)

Manual knife type splitter

Manual knife type splitter
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