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HL-100 Roller IC Shaping Machine

Spec: L330*W250*H330m/m Weight: 5kg *Adopting roller type, fast whole foot. *The track does not need to be replaced, rotated and adjusted. *Suitable for mass production. A width Working width 6-18mm H foot length Length 4-9.5mm D thickness Thickness 3-12mm L Forming width Width 7.5-19mm Processing capacity Capacity 3 seconds/tube  

HL-110 Crash Type IC Shaping Machine

Functional Overview:   * Large processing range, a variety of I.C available * Small motor, less power consumption. * Special feeding and stopping device, low failure rate * Impact type, stable processing size * FIG.1 is a general type with 0.3" and 0.6" rails * FIG.1 and FIG.3 are customized models and need to be purchased separately, which can combine three functions in one machine *Customized models need to provide dimension drawings         Video show:    
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