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Capacitor And LED Lamp Molding Machine

HL-389 Radial Element Forming Machine

1. Voltage: 220V 60HZ/50HZ 2. Size: L850*W600*H800mm 3. Weight: 90KG 4. Efficiency: 2500-3600pcs/H

HL-361 Bulk Radial Element Forming Machine

1. Voltage: 220V AC60HZ/50HZ 2. Size: L850*W650*H1050MM 3. Weight: 65KG

HL-219 Radial Element Forming Machine

1. This equipment is a combined model, divided into three parts: a, vibrating plate feeding b, main machine cutting feet c, forming part 2. The foot cutting unit and the vibrating feeding unit can be used separately or combined. 3. The best auxiliary equipment for mass production and short-leg work 4. Packing method: bulk, tube 5. Simple operation and easy maintenance 6. This machine is suitable for cutting long and short feet, playing K-position, bending feet, etc. (The shape of the molding is customized according to customer requirements.)

HL-218 Radial Element High Speed Forming Machine

Functional Overview 1. Suitable for radial components such as bulk electrolytic capacitors, LED lights, triodes, square capacitors, inductors, etc. 2. Power supply: AC220V 50/60Hz 1.6KW 3. Working air pressure: 4-5Kg/cm2 Weight: 450kg 4. W≤1500mm, L≤1000mm, H≤1500mm 5. It has the functions of automatic identification of component polarity, detection, and exclusion of defective products. 6. The molding method can be customized according to customer requirements: straight line, inner curve, outer curve, 90 degrees, etc. 7. The cam transmission mechanism is adopted, which is precise, stable and durable. 8. The mold is customized according to the drawings, dimensions and parts samples provided by the custome   Technical parameter 1. Production speed: 160pcs-230pcs/min 2. Forming pitch: 2.0, 2.5, 5.0, 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 25mm 3. Cutting length: 2.5mm-25mm 4. Product length: L=5-30mm adjustable 5. Specifications: diameter Ф3--Ф8 (orders above Ф10) refer to electrolytic capacitors, and other components can be seen in kind 6. The molding die and cutter are made of imported SKDП materials     Video introduction                
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