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HL-6888 type composite plate splitting machine

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    • Commodity name: HL-6888 type composite plate splitting machine
    • Commodity ID: 1224283609603133440

    The use of two mobile platforms as the exchange of PCB upper and lower substrate devices can effectively reduce the idle time of the machine, thereby achieving higher production efficiency, and the production capacity is increased to 3 to 4 times the manual split board.

    Internal Structure Diagram


    Basic function introduction

    1. Moving speed: maximum 1000 mm/s.

    2. Dimensions: L1220mm * W1450mm * H1420mm

    3. According to the PCB board cutting length and plate material, to determine the cutting time. (Gong knife speed: 3000-42000 rpm; round knife 10000 r/min minutes. 1.0-2.0 seconds/point.)

    4. Double pallet operation, left in and right out, cycle operation.

    5. Programmable control of knife path: separate gong knife cutting programming, separate round knife cutting programming, mixed cutting programming.

    6. The vision system automatically corrects to identify MARCK points or optical points.

    7. Automatic check and prompt function of gong knife broken knife. Round knife set time limit (100H) cutting, prompt tool change

    8.WIN7 operating system, data upload internal system.

    9. Round knife material selection of high-speed tungsten steel



    Device function

    1. The equipment that mainly uses the milling cutter to run at high speed to divide the multi-piece PCB board according to the pre-edited path. Replace manual breakage, C- CUT or PUSH cutting defects, improve product quality and reduce scrap rates,

    2. This machine adopts man-machine interface Windows 7 operating system, concise and humanized interface design, automatic cutting path correction system, high pixel CCD program production and block program and single-step program editing and modification.

    The two-platform interworking PCB loading and unloading device can effectively reduce the idle time of the machine, so as to achieve the ideal production efficiency.

    4. Configure high-pixel CCD magnification lens, auxiliary program teaching and editing functions, higher precision and more accurate, clearer images.

    5. Automatic MARK point positioning and correction system. The moving path has real-time display and simulated route tracking. The display is clear at a glance. The automatic alignment correction function has higher cutting accuracy. As long as the PCB is deflected within the range of 3mm, the machine vision can carry out automatic route correction, thus relaxing the accuracy requirements of the operator when placing the board. Greatly improve the work efficiency.

    6. The left and right workbenches of the program copy, block copy, array, multi-angle connection board copy, single-step tracking and modification function, block editing and modification function, which accurately simplifies the program production time and improves programming efficiency.

    7. High-power imported fan vacuum cleaner and 10V high-voltage static elimination device, dust collection effect is more ideal, less noise.

    8. Tool life monitoring. After cutting a distance, the milling cutter will automatically rise and fall to another uncut blade position. The upper and lower distances and times can be set according to the length of the blade to prolong the life of the milling cutter.

    9. Provide imported spindle and domestic spindle matching to meet different customer needs.



    Introduction to the functional characteristics of the equipment

    1. To solve the disadvantage that the current mixing board (stamp hole and V card slot) needs to be changed separately.

    2. Double workbench, high efficiency. Can improve production capacity; stable quality, reduce manpower.

    3.MARK point automatic correction.

    4.QR code automatic scanning (optional),MES system docking (optional)

    5. Adopting up/down dust collection mode, reasonable scheme can be customized according to customer requirements, and the dust collection effect is good. (The upper and lower vacuuming can be interchanged)

    6. Production records are collected from time to time.

    7. The substrate is more firmly fixed during cutting to avoid cutting accuracy errors caused by poor positioning of the substrate.

    8. The whole plate image scanning stitching.

    9. Special fixture production, easy to fix the product to be cut, to ensure that the product high-precision cutting requirements.

    10. When cutting, the front section of the spindle is equipped with an antistatic generator to continuously blow air to reduce the static electricity generated during high-speed spindle cutting, which can avoid damage to parts due to static electricity.

    11. The safety door is adopted to reduce noise and dust and improve safety. The vacuum cleaner comes with a suction box (maintenance can be scheduled according to capacity cutting needs or dust collection time).


    Equipment parameter configuration table 1


    Equipment size


    Working area (machinable stroke)

    X:300mm,Y1:400mm,Y2:400mmZ: 0-80mm


    SONY(540X); Lens (optional)


    Stars (optional)

    screw rod, guide rail


    Servo motor

    Panasonic A 6 400W and Panasonic A 6 200W

    static eliminator


    Industrial control host

    Dell (optional)

    motion control card


    Display, control system

    Dell, Windows7

    Spindle speed

    3000-42000 rpm (optional)

    X, Y, Z axis drive speed

    X, Y axis at least 700 mm/s,Z axis at least 300 mm/s servo drive

    Cutting PCB thickness range


    Cutting accuracy and ability

    ± 0.02mm (required) has the ability to cut straight lines, arcs, circles, l-shaped, u-shaped, stamp hole models and v-card slot models

    Overall power (including dust collector)


    Tool replacement method

    Manual tool change (special tool wrench is required)

    Table quantity, function

    2, single table, left and right table alternating and parallel table operation mode, the equipment can realize the simultaneous function of two tables

    Spindle cooling system

    Air cooling mode

    Power and mode of dust collector

    3.5kw 380V three-phase motor, external upper/lower dust collection (optional)

    Air pressure

    Above 0.6Mpa

    Noise control

    During operation, the noise is greater than or equal to 80 decibels (measured at a distance of one meter from the equipment)

    Warranty Period

    The whole machine is 1 year or more. (required)



    Equipment Parameter Configuration Table 2


    Working power supply


    Air pressure supply

    Above 0.45Mpa

    Safety device

    Use safety doors or sensors

    Model Mode

    Off-line model, manual loading and unloading


    Universal fixture available

    Automatic fault detection and maintenance mode

    The system has self-diagnosis function, real-time error information display, can intuitively query the status of each IO port of the device, easy to troubleshoot

    Technical support and training

    Provide equipment operation, programming, hardware maintenance, maintenance training services; program permanent free upgrade. (required)


    Online way

    Vision system

    CCD visual positioning correction system


    About 600kg

    Foot height adjustable


    Cooling mode

    Naturally cold.

    Warning light

    three-color lamp

    Scope of Work Protection

    Six-sided door blind protection

    Door interlock protection sensor

    Safety door micro switch induction

    Emergency stop button


    Milling cutter mode

    Diameter 0.8-3.0MM range optional and special round knife optional



    Software system can realize function


    software rights management

    Password protection, according to the permission to enter the corresponding operation interface, protect the important parameters of the system


    Visual interface, dynamic simulation of cutting path (required)

    Mar point automatic calibration function

    Mark point automatic calibration function (required)

    Programming mode

    online programming

    Edit function

    Straight line, hole, arc, circle, V slot

    Program storage

    Select storage location as required

    Tool diameter compensation

    A variety of compensation methods for users to choose

    tool life detection

    The tool life is based on the number of sinking segments set by the user, the number of products and the cutting. And so on way to choose

    Motor overheat detection

    Overload, overheating, low voltage and other protection functions

    Servo overload detection

    There are overload, low voltage, whether the line is normal and other protection functions

    Spindle life tracking

    Spindle life automatic detection

    split plate count

    Plate counting and timing

    Machine error reporting record

    Software automatically memorizes all alarm records

    Axis position accuracy


    Sub-plate accuracy



    QR code scanning

    MES system



    software programming interface




    MARK Dot Image



    Key words:
    • HL-6620型双工作台四轴曲线分板机

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