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Hl-6888 Type Composite Board Machine

Hl-6888 Type Composite Board Machine

Using two mobile platforms as PCB exchange upper and lower substrate devices can effectively reduce the idle time of the machine, thereby achieving higher production efficiency, and the production capacity is increased by 3 to 4 times that of manual sub-board.
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Basic Function Introduction

1. Movement speed: max. 1000mm/s.

2. Dimensions: L1220mm*W1450mm*H1420mm

3. Determine the cutting time according to the cutting length of the PCB board and the material of the board. (Gong knife speed: 3000-42000 rev/min; round knife 10000 rev/min. 1.0-2.0 sec/point.)

4. Double pallet operation, left in and right out, cycle operation.

5. Programmable control of tool path: single gong knife cutting programming, single circular knife cutting programming, mixed cutting programming.  

6. The vision system automatically corrects and recognizes the MARCK point or the optical point.  

7. Automatic check and prompt function for broken gongs and knives. Circular knife set time limit (100H) for cutting, prompt for knife change

8. WIN7 operating system, data upload internal system.

9. The material of the round knife is high-speed tungsten steel




Device Function

1. It mainly uses the high-speed operation of the milling cutter to separate the multi-piece PCB board according to the pre-edited path. It replaces manual breaking, C-CUT or PUSH cutting defects, improves product quality and reduces scrap rate,

2. This machine adopts the man-machine interface Windows 7 operating system, concise and user-friendly interface design, automatic cutting path correction system, high-pixel CCD program production and block program and single-step program editing and modification.

3. The PCB loading and unloading device with the two platforms working interactively can effectively reduce the idle time of the machine, so as to achieve the ideal production efficiency.

4. Equipped with high-pixel CCD magnifying lens, auxiliary program teaching and editing functions, higher precision and more accurate, clearer images.

5. Automatic MARK point positioning and correction system, real-time display of moving path and simulated route tracking, display at a glance, automatic alignment correction function, higher cutting accuracy, as long as the PCB is offset within 3mm, machine vision can be performed Automatic route correction relaxes the operator's requirements for accuracy when placing the board. Greatly improved work efficiency.

6. The program's left and right table copy, block copy, array, multi-angle connection board copy, single-step tracking modification function, block editing and modification function, which accurately simplifies the programming time and improves programming efficiency.

7. The vacuum cleaner made of high-power imported fan and the 10V high-voltage static elimination device, the vacuuming effect is more ideal and the noise is lower.

8. Tool life monitoring, the milling cutter will automatically rise and fall to the position of another uncut blade after cutting one distance. The upper and lower distances and times can be set according to the length of the blade to prolong the life of the milling cutter.

9. Provide imported spindle and domestic spindle option to meet different customer needs.



Introduction To The Features Of The Device

1. Solve the disadvantage that the current mixing board (stamp hole and V card slot) needs to be replaced separately.

2. Double working table, high efficiency. It can increase production capacity; stabilize quality and reduce manpower.

3. The MARK point is automatically corrected.

4. QR code automatic scanning (optional), MES system docking (optional)

5. Adopt the upper/lower vacuuming mode, and can customize a reasonable plan according to customer requirements, and the dust collection effect is good. (upper and lower vacuuming can be interchanged)

6. The production records are collected from time to time.

7. The substrate is fixed more firmly during cutting, avoiding the cutting precision error caused by the poor positioning of the substrate.

8. Scanning and splicing of images of the whole board.

9. The special jig is made, which is easy to fix the product to be cut and ensures the high-precision cutting requirements of the product.

10. When cutting, the front section of the spindle is equipped with an anti-static generator to continuously blow air, which reduces the static electricity generated when the high-speed spindle is cutting, and can avoid damage to parts due to static electricity.

11. Adopt safety door to reduce noise and dust and improve safety. The vacuum cleaner is attached with a vacuum box (maintenance can be scheduled according to the production capacity of cutting needs or dust collection time).


Equipment Parameter Configuration Table 1


Equipment Size


Working Area (machinable stroke)

X:300mm,Y1:400mm,Y2:400mmZ: 0-80mm


SONY (540X); lens (optional)

Stars (optional)

Screw, guide rail


Servo motor

Panasonic A6 400W and Panasonic A6 200W

Static Eliminator


Industrial control host

Dell (optional)

Motion control card


Display, Control system

Dell, Windows7

Spindle speed

3000-42000 rpm (optional)

X, Y, Z Axis drive speed

X, Y axis at least 700mm/s, Z axis at least 300mm/s servo drive

Cutting PCB thickness range


Cutting Accuracy, Ability

± 0.02mm (required) The ability to cut straight lines, arcs, circles, L-shaped, U-shaped, stamp hole models, and V-card slot models is required.

Machine power (including dust collector)


Tool change method

Manual tool change (requires special wrench for tool replacement)

Table quantity, function

2, single table, left and right table alternate and parallel table operation mode, the device can realize the function of two tables at the same time

Spindle cooling system

Air cooling

Dust collector power and method

3.5kw 380V three-phase motor, external upper/lower dust collection (optional)

Air pressure

Above 0.6Mpa

Noise control

During operation, the noise is greater than or equal to 80 decibels (measured at a distance of one meter from the device)

Warranty period

The whole machine is 1 year or more. (required)



Device Parameter Configuration Table 2


Working power

380V, 50HZ

Air supply


Safety equipment Use safety gates or sensors
Model mode Offline model, manual loading and unloading
Gig Universal fixtures are available

Fault automatic detection and maintenance mode

The system has self-diagnosis function, real-time error information display, can intuitively query the status of each IO port of the device, easy to troubleshoot
Technical support and training Provide equipment operation, programming, hardware maintenance, maintenance training services; program permanent free upgrade. (required)
Programming online
Visual system CCD Vision Positioning Correction System
Weight About 600kg
Height-adjustable feet 50~70mm
Cooling method natural cold
Warning Light Three-color light
working range protection Adopt six-sided blind protection method
Door interlock protection sensor Safety door micro switch induction
Emergency stop button with YES
Milling method The diameter range of 0.8-3.0MM is optional and the special circular knife is optional



The Software System Can Realize The Function


Software Rights Management Password protection, enter the corresponding operation interface according to the authority, protect the important parameters of the system
programming Visual interface, dynamic simulation of cutting path (required)
Mar point automatic calibration function With Mark point automatic calibration function (required)
programmatically online programming
Edit function Straight line, hole shape, arc, circle, V card slot
program storage Choose a storage location as needed
Tool diameter compensation A variety of compensation methods for users to choose
Tool life detection The tool life is based on the number of sinking segments, the number of products and the cutting set by the user. etc. to choose
Motor overheat detection With overload, overheating, low voltage and other protection functions
Servo overload detection It has protection functions such as overload, low voltage, and whether the line is normal
Spindle life tracking Spindle life automatic detection
Plate count Sub-board counting, timing
machine error log The software automatically remembers all alarm records
Axis Position Accuracy 0.001mm
Separation accuracy ±0.01mm
scanning QR code scanning
MES system Optional


Software Programming Interface




Mark Point Image




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