LGBT molding machine manufacturers talk about the working process of resistance molding machine


LGBT molding machineThe manufacturer talks about the working process of the resistance forming machine

At the beginning of the new day, everyone will arrange their own itinerary so that they will not be in a hurry. Do you know the working process of the resistance forming machine? Today I will talk to you about the working process of the resistance forming machine.

Preparation stage of 1. resistance forming machine

The goal of the preparation stage is to adjust the gear spacing of the transmission structure and the baffle spacing of the forming mechanism. The spacing adjustment should be carried out according to the resistance and the bending length of the pin. After adjusting the spacing, turn on the power supply, set the number of resistances to be processed through the keyboard, and the strip resistance to be processed is used as the feeder. At this point, the preparation stage is over and everything is ready, only at the beginning.

Working stages of 2. resistance forming machine

Press the switching power supply of the resistance forming machine, and the resistance forming machine starts to work. The working principle is: the motor drives the drive shaft to move through the coupling, the gear of the transmission mechanism drives the belt resistor to advance to the shearing position, and the hob cuts off the excess at both ends of the resistor The cut resistor continues to move forward on the gear of the transmission mechanism until it reaches the molding station. Both ends of the resistor are bent under the action of the molding mechanism, the surplus tape after shearing is collected by the residual tape winding mechanism, and the photoelectric sensor triggers the bending resistance to complete the current shearing.

End of 3. resistance forming machine

When the number of processing resistors is equal to the number of keyboard settings in the preparation stage, the work of the resistance molding machine is completed, how does the machine know that so many resistors have been processed? This also starts from the working stage, in the working stage, the bending resistor triggers the photoelectric flying chip, the sensor transmits the signal to the microcontroller, the microcontroller processes the signal to realize the counting function, and displays the processed number on the LCD screen,

LGBT molding machineManufacturer: role and classification of resistance forming machine

1. Resistors are divided into fixed type and adjustable type according to whether the resistance value is adjustable. Fixed resistor refers to resistor with non-adjustable resistance value. It is mainly used for current limiting, shunt, voltage reduction, voltage division, load or matching in circuits with fixed resistance and no need to change. Variable resistor refers to resistor with adjustable resistance within a certain range. Variable resistor is also called rheostat or potentiometer, it is mainly used in circuits where the resistance needs to change frequently to adjust the voltage and current in the circuit, thereby controlling or adjusting the parameters of the circuit.

2. Resistors can be divided into carbon film resistors, metal film resistors, wire wound resistors, cement resistors, etc. According to the manufacturing materials, the resistance values of carbon film resistors and metal film resistors range from a few ohms to several hundred ohms, but the power is not large, generally around 1/8W to 2W, up to 10W.

LGBT molding machineManufacturer: Well, Xiaobian will not explain too much. Thank you for watching. If you need resistor forming machine, transistor forming machine and diode forming machine, you can contact our manufacturer.


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