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Precautions for the purchase of hand-held automatic locking screw machines

Precautions for the purchase of hand-held automatic locking screw machines

2021-12-16 13:41

There are many hand-held automatic locking screw machines, which can be said to be varied, but there are also many counterfeit products, so you need to be extra cautious when purchasing, so how should you choose? Let's take a look at the following:

The first step is to check whether it can be screened: In actual production, there may be special-shaped screws such as flashing edges, flat heads, and large heads. Grab a handful of screws with various special shapes that do not meet the specifications and put them in the hopper. If the screw machine can automatically screen out the special-shaped screws during the operation, there will be no jamming, that is, one of the conditions of being a good screw machine is satisfied.

The second step, check whether the material can be replenished: when we have carried out the first step, after the screw machine automatically selects a special-shaped screw, there must be a gap; if the system can replenish in time, there will be no gap. . This is the second condition of a good screw machine.

The third step is to check whether there will be floating teeth: some manufacturers make all channels larger in order to make the special-shaped screws pass smoothly, which will make it difficult for the electric screwdriver to align the screw cross grooves, resulting in floating teeth of the locking screws and increasing defective products.

The fourth step, check whether the feeding is repeated: sometimes the previous one is not locked, and if you touch the signal lightly, another screw will be conveyed, that is, a double screw.



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