Automatic locking screw machine


Affected by machine substitution, low-tech blue-collar jobs will disappear one by one. With the acceleration of the transformation and upgrading of various industries in recent years, more and more industries have begun to explore machine substitution. The first impact of machine substitution is low-tech blue-collar jobs. Although it is a simple and repetitive work, it requires a lot of manual participation. The automatic screw locking machine can save 4-5 screw twisting employees for the enterprise with one device, and only one person is required to take care of the automatic equipment. If there are 50 employees in a workshop doing the process of screwing, only 10 people can complete it, and the remaining 40 people will face unemployment or change jobs.


At present, most manufacturing enterprises tend to semi-automation or low-cost automation, production lines still need a certain amount of labor. It has not yet entered the level of completely replacing labor with machines, but machine substitution is a development trend and will come sooner or later. Existing low-tech jobs will gradually be less and even later disappear, fully automated equipment for production. The impact on blue-collar workers is profound.


In addition to technical reasons, difficult recruitment and management are also important driving factors. More and more post-90s enter the labor market, which poses a higher challenge to enterprise management. The concept of many post-90s is "work is a part of life", which is very different from the previous generation's concept of "coming out is to work to make money. The lower the technical content, the higher the proficiency and repetition requirements of the same action, the more boring the work of the corresponding post, the higher the turnover rate, and the further automation of production can alleviate or even solve this problem.

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