Desktop lock screw machine structure introduction, quick collection!


Desktop lock screw machineVarious electrical and pneumatic components are used to realize the automatic screw transmission, tightening and detection process. The equipment simplifies the screw tightening process, reduces the number of manual operations, and reduces the unfavorable factors caused by manual misoperation. Is a typical non-standard automation equipment.

What is the composition of the desktop lock screw machine? Let's take a brief look.

1. Automatic nail feeding machine. The desktop lock screw machine is mainly responsible for the screening, arrangement, detection, material distribution, transportation and other processes of the screw. It is an important process to replace the manual screw.

2. Locking mechanism. Locking mechanism through the configuration of electric batching, wind batching or servo motor, according to the program set to perform spiral twisting action, completely replace the manual operation.

3. Power supply electrical box. The input voltage is 220V, usually controlled by PLC (or single-chip microcomputer) and fully automatic screw locking machine to realize the cooperative operation of automatic feeding and locking mechanism to realize the effect of automatic conveying and automatic screw locking.

4. Positioning system. The positioning system mainly ensures that the locking mechanism can accurately screw the screws into the screw holes of the product. The positioning is completed by the cooperation of multiple accessories, such as operating tables, fixtures, and fixtures., Usually need to design according to the appearance characteristics of the product.

Desktop lock screw machineWhat are the characteristics of our products? Let's all have a brief understanding.

1. High efficiency: double-station full-automatic alternating operation is adopted, the machine can work continuously, and when the workpiece on one workbench is locked, the material can be fed on the other workbench, which is safe, convenient, fast and efficient. Semi-automated management mode can also be adopted, that is, one enterprise workbench can be started by pressing the switch, and another workbench can be started after completion; one machine can store 100 sets of products. Henan three-axis automatic locking screw machine can change the processing of products at any time, which is convenient and fast. The feeding system is perfect, with the function of automatic processing of stuck materials, and there will be no stuck materials.

2. High stability: The base adopts thick steel plate structure, which is more stable; the X-axis column has a wide and thick cast aluminum structure, which has strong rigidity, effectively ensures the verticality of XYZ, strong stability, and improves the processing accuracy of the equipment.

3. High precision: X-axis, Y-axis selection of VAV linear module, can automatically compensate the belt tightness, adjust the pre-pressure to make the gap between the guide rail and the guide rail reach zero, repeat positioning accuracy is high, there will be no reverse.

4. High reliability: the main part of the guide rail adopts high strength and high straightness aluminum profile with special steel rails inside the profile to ensure mechanical strength and maintain parallelism for a long time. The slider is designed with eccentric nut and anti-loosening design, and the slider can be adjusted by itself.

Desktop lock screw machineHow to clean and maintain? Let's take a look at it.

1. Clean the screw silo regularly to ensure that the silo is clean and clean. It is recommended to blow out the residue in the silo with high-pressure gas. 2. Regularly clean the screw track of the automatic screwing machine to ensure that the screw runs smoothly in the track. 3. Clean the nail feeding system regularly to ensure the smooth operation of the nail feeding system. It is recommended to add some grease to the moving part regularly. 4. Regularly clean the outer surface of the chassis. 5. Please turn off the power when not in use.

The application range of desktop lock screw machine: large and small household appliances, electronic products, instruments, toys, power supply, furniture, LED, communication, computer keyboard, etc.


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