Does the desktop lock screw machine need maintenance?


Desktop lock screw machineNeed maintenance?

Some people say the machine is fine as long as it works? Is it?

Daily maintenance is a very important work of the desktop lock screw machine. Special attention should also be paid to the desktop lock screw machine. In use, it ensures the stable operation of the whole machine and prolongs the service life of the whole machine.

Desktop lock screw machineNote: The power plug is a 3-hole plug, which should be plugged into the power socket with a grounding wire.

1. Before inserting the machine, make sure that the power switch is in the "off" state and follow the instructions.

2. When the machine is not running for a long time, it needs to be wiped with a dry cloth and cannot be cleaned with corrosive detergent.

3. It is forbidden to splash liquid into the electrical box of the machine to avoid corrosion or short circuit of internal electrical components.

4. According to the equipment packing list, check that the model, specification and quantity of equipment and materials should meet the requirements of design and product standards.

5. Check whether the appearance of the equipment is deformed, damaged and corroded. The rotating shaft should be flexible and free of jamming.

Paying attention to the maintenance of mechanical equipment is one of people's daily work, because only do a good job of maintenance, people's work can be more powerful development, over time, the application of mechanical equipment for a long time, in the whole process of work will inevitably appear some problems, so to do a good job of maintenance.

1.Desktop lock screw machineStart running, check the actual effect and the quality of the finished product, but when everything is stable, you can use production and manufacturing.

2. Timely quality inspection and characteristic judgment.

3. Check whether the power supply is ventilated, turn on the power switch and valve.

4. According to different goods for programming and operation, and check the transmission progress of each component, as the main performance of intelligent work, automatic screw machine maintenance can not be ignored, its structure principle is not difficult to understand, if in the whole process of use pay attention to subtle key points, you can reasonably prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, prolong the service life of the equipment.

For the development of industrial automation, the future manufacturing industry will cooperate with the trend of industrial automation, and develop in the direction of diversification of mechanical functions, standardization and modularization of structural design, intelligent control, and high structural accuracy. With the development and diversification of the chemical industry, single Variety and large-volume products are becoming less and less, and multi-variety and small-volume products are increasingly becoming the mainstream. The assembly work of domestic manufacturers, especially screw tightening, and the arrangement and assembly of complex items, basically, it is manual operation, it is difficult to ensure the consistency and stability of the product, and it may also cause pollution to the product. The application of the desktop lock screw machine can effectively avoid these problems and realize intelligent control.

The development of automation has been valued by enterprises in recent years, and it is also a link in the development of science and technology. Automation can increase the output of enterprises, save raw materials and costs, which is also the achievement of enterprises. In recent years, the development of industrial automation is very rapid. If enterprises do not use it, the cost is too high. For automation equipment, this is also worth considering by enterprises.

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