Basic information of desktop lock screw machine


Desktop lock screw machineThe development prospects of this industry is very good, because in the use of the benefits for the enterprise more, so by the customers of all ages, in order to let you know more about it, then we come to talk about the desktop lock screw machine basic information.


Nowadays, there are still many people who do not know some basic information about desktop lock screw machines. Therefore, as manufacturers, it is necessary for us to explain briefly. In fact, the development prospect of this industry is very good, because when in use, it is a machine that is used to replace the traditional manual screw. The equipment now adopts double station automatic alternate operation, the machine can work continuously. When the workpiece is locked on one of the workbenches, it can be loaded on the other workbench, which is safe, convenient and fast. Advanced; In addition to these words, it can also adopt semi-automatic mode, that is, press a switch to start a workbench, and then start another workbench after completion; Since it is necessary to run, as we all know, a machine can actually store the programming of 100 groups of products, and can change the processing of products at any time, which is convenient and fast. Its feeding system is complete and has the function of automatically processing stuck materials, and there will be no stuck materials. But there are also many things to pay attention to when running. For example, the screws used should have few defects such as foreign bodies, mixing materials, and flower heads, otherwise the development prospects of this industry are very good, because the work is not smooth when used. The selected screws should be commonly used, with a large number and a small number of types, so as to improve the efficiency of use.

Desktop lock screw machineThe lock screw position should be as uniform as possible to avoid uneven position, uneven surface and narrow space. Multi-axis lock screw machine in the same product as far as possible to use the same specifications of the screw. In addition, the device has a wide range of uses. Small size, suitable for production line operation, convenient product replacement. In particular, it is highly efficient. Multiple electric batch work at the same time, can replace many people. For example, install 4 electric batches on the desktop lock screw machine, lock 4 screws at a time and lock continuously, the machine can lock several products at the same time. The number of electric batches can be customized according to customer requirements. It can also reduce the labor intensity of workers during operation. Traditional manual placement of screws and alignment of the screw heads takes a lot of work time and effort. It is now highly automated. The operation is simple, and the staff quickly master the operation and debugging. One worker can manage multiple machines at the same time. Desktop lock screw machine saves labor. Easy to adjust, locking quality is guaranteed. And it is mainly compared with the suction type, the blowing screw is directly transported to the batching nozzle. It saves the time of taking the screws back and forth, and the efficiency is higher. More stable.

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