Desktop lock screw machine operation pay attention to matters?


In the current market, we can see a variety of automated machinery and equipment, such as the desktop lock screw machine that we often see. Although it is said that its advantages are more. But here we must understand the matters needing attention in the operation of desktop lock screw machine?

Desktop lock screw machineAdopt double station automatic alternate operation, can work continuously. When the workpiece on one workbench is locked, the material can be safely, easily and quickly loaded onto the other workbench. In order to ensure that there will be no problems in the later period, it is recommended that you install the product fixing fixture before starting the machine. There is a multifunctional panel on the Y axis of the desktop automatic lock screw machine, and the desktop lock screw machine is locked on it with M4 screws. The fixed starting position can be customized for the machine to effectively ensure that the fixed position of the product remains unchanged. Or before turning on the power of the desktop automatic locking screw machine, check whether the external power cord of the machine is complete, and the power consumption is 220V for civilian use. You can check whether the working environment is naturally ventilated and whether there are obstacles around the machine. The Z-axis height adjustment of the electric batch pendant shall be carried out at a height of 5-10mm from the product when editing the lock point. Too low will cause the lock nozzle to collide with the product, too high will affect the lock hole alignment. In addition, this desktop locking screw machine is divided into a blowing feeding structure and an adsorption discharging structure, so these two modes now require a stable air pressure to arrange and feed the screws, and adjust and stabilize according to the situation of the screws. The discharge atmospheric pressure and small air pressure ensure its stability.

In addition, in operationDesktop lock screw machineYou can check whether each screw on the product is tightened and locked in place during the test after debugging. According to the desktop automatic locking screw machine, each screw adjusts the downward distance of the lock according to the lock time. Point-to-point editing with hand-held teaching pendant box is simpler than PLC drawing import or programming. Moreover, during operation, it is necessary to wait for the torque of the electric batch to reach the set torque, and then lift the electric batch after the electric batch stops automatically, otherwise the desktop lock screw machine will not operate, and the screw will be screwed to the batch to be locked on the head of the electric batch. If it is found that the machine does not send screws to the mouth and nose of the electric batch to be locked, you can lock the screws repeatedly, or manually send the screw button once, and let the desktop lock screw machine send a screw to the head and the electric batch port to be locked. The air pressure of the equipment cannot be adjusted too much, otherwise it will only speed up the wear speed of the mouth and nose of the electric batch. If you have something you don't understand, you can call us at any time to consult. You can see the contact information when you enter the official website. You can also consult the online customer service personnel.

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