Here to teach you how to check the desktop lock screw machine fault? How to avoid?


Below we teach you how to checkDesktop lock screw machinefailure? how to avoid?

How to avoid desktop lock screw machine failure? How to check the desktop lock screw machine failure?


Desktop lock screw machine troubleshooting method:

Check all power supplies, pneumatic valves, hydraulic pressure sources and power supplies, including the distribution power supplies of each machine and equipment and the lighting power supplies of the production workshop, I .e. all power supplies, pneumatic valves (including the standard air pressure sources required by the pneumatic equipment) and hydraulic pressure sources (including the working status of the hydraulic pump required by the hydraulic control valve) that can be involved in the machine and equipment to avoid the failure of the screw machine:

In order to minimize the problem of screw machine failure, people have an understanding of the structure and principle of screw machine, because only after we understand, in the case of purchasing screw machine, we can buy good quality screw machine products according to our own requirements. If we choose screw machine products with poor quality, this problem is inevitable.

Pay attention to the timely maintenance of the equipment. As we all know, the screwdriver of the screw machine needs to understand the product for a long time. For the modified parts, the corresponding inspection records and maintenance records should be carried out regularly. Naturally, there are other parts, such as electric screwdriver, feeder, vacuum suction cup, etc. It is also necessary to complete the corresponding maintenance. In daily work, ethanol must be selected to solve the dirt on the surface after work, to avoid corrosion of the sheet metal parts and lines by the compound.

Desktop lock screw machinePrinciple of detection of missing nail

1. Detection principle of desktop screw locking machine: screws are distributed into pipes through distributors, screws fall into pipes, and sensors are provided to detect to ensure that one screw falls from each pipe. When four pipes are distributed, the screw feeder will give PLC a pulse signal, and PLC will blow off and lock the screws after reading this signal, otherwise the machine will alarm and wait for troubleshooting.

2. Floating lock detection principle: When the screw locking torque reaches the set torque, the depth sensor detects whether the screw is locked in place. This function eliminates the floating lock defect (that is, the screw is not locked to the end due to thread problems).

3. Detection principle of sliding shoe and sliding tooth: When the selected electric batch is tightened (the torque reaches the set torque), the electric batch will automatically cut off the power and brake and output a pulse signal. After reading the signal, PLC will calculate and process to determine whether it is sliding shoe or sliding tooth. If the slider or tooth slips, the electric batch will not stop braking and there is no signal to PLC.

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