Precautions for safety capacitor forming machine


With the continuous improvement of science and technology, we have also seen that the production of various commodities has gradually become automated and large-scale, which relies on the assistance of various machines, so this safety gauge capacitor forming machine is a more common one. The following is a note for everyone to talk about the safety gauge capacitor forming machine?

As the name suggestsSafety Capacitor Forming MachineCan automatically complete the unpacking, forming, folding bottom hinge and other operations. Generally speaking, it is used in conjunction with the unpacking machine. Now the molding machine after several generations of innovation, there is a more intelligent operation. However, when using the safety gauge capacitor forming machine, we must pay attention to the cleaning of the circuit board, regularly clean the dust of the strong and weak current box, and keep the electric box dry. Prevent moisture; oil circuit: check whether there is oil leakage in all parts of the oil circuit and deal with it in time. The purpose of this is to prevent the piston rod from being scratched and the oil from deteriorating; machinery: check whether the transmission part of the machine is worn, check whether the oil injection nozzles are blocked, and add grease; other precautions are recommended to replace the hydraulic oil once a year, And clean up the sludge in the oil tank. The water cooler should be cleaned in time to prevent the oil temperature from rising and causing accelerated aging of the oil. Of course security is no small matter. Circuit safety door switch, oil relief valve, mechanical safety stop, machine maintenance must check whether the warning light is working properly.

The safety capacitor forming machine also needs to be taken seriously and implemented during operation. Do not take it lightly. Operators cannot leave their posts when starting up and must wait beside them at any time. When the hot press is used in areas with strong lightning, be sure to stop and cut off the power supply of the hot press. Therefore, for everyone, of course, the equipment must pay attention to safety during operation or inspection and maintenance. Do not reach into the hot platen. If there is any abnormality in the safety gauge capacitor forming machine, please stop the machine in time and strictly check the machine. Fix the fault in time, don't neglect to let it continue to work.Safety Capacitor Forming MachineIn production, we should pay attention to the cleaning of the pressure plate to prevent some iron objects from falling on the surface of the pressure plate, so as not to damage the pressure plate and affect the process. Here is a good manufacturer of beer on the Internet. The company's official website has a variety of different products. Consumers' evaluation of it is quite high. And on the company's official website, it also contains a lot of information about products, as well as shopping tips and so on.

After the introduction of the above content, we also understandSafety Capacitor Forming MachineOther knowledge points will continue to be updated in the next period. If you have time, please come and watch it. I believe it can help you.

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