Relevant knowledge points of safety gauge capacitor forming machine


As we all know, in addition to the three-phase AC power supply, it is of course possible to generate an alternating magnetic field with a two-phase AC power supply that differs by 90 °. Therefore, the single-phase AC power supply cannot generate the alternating magnetic field of the S pole and the N pole during use. Although a reciprocating motion can be generated, a rotational motion cannot be generated. The following for everyone to introduceSafety Capacitor Forming MachineThe relevant knowledge points.

The safety capacitor forming machine is equipped with two sets of coils, of which the main winding is directly connected to the AC power supply, and the auxiliary winding draws the current phase through the series capacitor. In this way, the phase of the two is close to where the two intersect. In this way will naturally occur alternating magnetic field of the motor called safety gauge capacitor molding machine. In fact, this equipment can also be operated on a single phase, of course, is a classic universal small motor. In fact, this equipment bureau has a very rich variety, and the various gear heads used in conjunction with it are countless. This equipment is also mainly suitable for long-term unidirectional continuous rotation, winding specifications and fixed capacitance. The direction of rotation can be changed by changing the direction of the current in the main group by a double-pole double-throw switch. However, its sudden reversal is generally considered harmful and can only be implemented after a complete stop. Of course, it is also possible to convert from forward to reverse. For example, the motor can now handle forward and reverse rotation and start-stop exchange to a certain extent. It is suitable for occasions where the running time is relatively short, the starting torque is large, and the rated working time is generally short. Over the years, the company has been committed to the expansion and development of domestic and foreign markets, using online Internet e-commerce platform and offline physical sales to go hand in hand. Nowadays, they also make their products all over the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the country, and their products not only sell well in the domestic market.

in addition,Safety Capacitor Forming MachineWith three pins, the steering is controlled by a SPDT switch. The wiring is very simple. In order to prevent the equipment from running overtime after shutdown, a simple braking mechanism using brushes and brake pads is usually installed at the rear of the motor to increase the friction load. Capacitors belong to the AC motor, generally to close to the synchronous operation, it is difficult to change its speed. Although reducing the driving voltage can reduce the speed to a certain extent, it also reduces the torque, so the speed range is smaller. The lower the voltage, the greater the load fluctuation and the lower the value. Therefore, in these places, of course, a tachometer generator (usually a permanent magnet alternator) can be installed on the motor to feed back the speed, and the conduction angle of the thyristor or the thyristor switch can be changed according to the deviation of the speed, so as to control the applied voltage and realize the speed control. Variable-speed capacitor motors using this method have been commercialized. In addition, variable resistance and DC voltage can be used to control the speed. The safety gauge capacitor forming machine has nothing to do with the power frequency of the power supply. The speed is usually within range. If there are any questions you don't understand, you can call us at any time for consultation. There are online customer service personnel to receive you, no matter what questions will help you patiently to answer. We can also see our contact information on the official website. You can call directly for consultation.

After the introduction of the above contents, we have also understoodSafety Capacitor Forming MachineThe relevant knowledge points. Other knowledge points will continue to be updated in the next period. If you have time, please remember to come and watch.

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