Introduction of Some Knowledge Points of Safety Capacitor Forming Machine


in the marketSafety Capacitor Forming MachineIt is a very common capacitor machine. Today, the editor will introduce to you the characteristics and applications of the safety gauge capacitor forming machine and other common capacitor machines.

Ceramic capacitors are made of ceramic materials as the medium, a layer of metal (silver) film is plated on the ceramic surface, and then sintered at high temperature. Compared with the safety gauge capacitor forming machine, the ceramic capacitor has a special material and poor resistance.

There are two types of polystyrene capacitors: foil and metallization. This foil has high insulation resistance, low dielectric loss, stable capacity and high precision, but it is large in size and poor in heat resistance. The metallized type has better moisture resistance and stability than the foil type, and can self-heal after breakdown, but the insulation resistance is low and the high frequency characteristics are poor. Generally used in high frequency circuits.

Polypropylene Capacitor Negative temperature coefficient non-polar capacitor with non-polar polypropylene film as dielectric. There are two kinds of non-sealed (usually packed with colored resin paint) and sealed (packed with metal or plastic shell). Low loss, stable performance, good insulation performance and large capacity. Generally used in low and medium frequency electronic circuits or as a starting capacitor for motors.

Polar aluminum electrolytic capacitors are wound from aluminum foil (anode) and cathode foil with oxide film and backing paper immersed in electrolyte. The packaging is tubular, vertical, and the aluminum housing has a blue or black plastic sleeve on the outside. Compared with the safety capacitor forming machine, its advantage is that the capacity range is large.

Usually in the DC power supply circuit or low frequency circuit for filtering, decoupling, signal coupling, time constant setting, DC isolation and so on. Note: Not applicable to AC power circuits. When the filter capacitor is used for DC power supply, its polarity cannot be reversed.

The thin film trimmer capacitor uses organic plastic film as the medium, that is, a layer of organic plastic film is added between the rotor and the stator (both the rotor and the stator are semi-circular metal parts). The capacitor can be adjusted by adjusting the screw on the rotor. Rotor rotation. Thin-film trimming capacitors are generally divided into secondary trimming and four-time trimming. withSafety Capacitor Forming MachineCompared with, it is small in size, light in weight, can be adjusted repeatedly, and is easy to use. Used in transistor radios, electronic instruments and electronic equipment.

Safety Capacitor Forming MachineIt is generally composed of five parts: dielectric, electrode, shell, package and pin. The medium is generally composed of polypropylene film; the electrode is composed of metal vacuum evaporation layer; the shell of the general safety capacitor molding machine is made of flame retardant PBT plastic shell (UL94V-0); the pin tin plating is made of copper clad steel wire.

After the fault occurs will not cause electric shock and endanger personal safety. X is the safety gauge capacitor forming machine between the two lines (L-N) of the power line, which is used to stop differential mode interference. Metal film capacitors are generally used. The y capacitance is the capacitance between the two power lines and ground (L-E, N-E). Generally appear in pairs to prevent common mode interference.

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