What are the practical uses and functions of safety capacitor forming machine?


Safety Capacitor Forming MachineIt integrates modern measurement and control, power electronics, network communication, automatic control, power capacitor and other advanced technologies. The backward controller technology of traditional reactive power compensation device is changed, and the reverse mechanical contactor or electromechanical integrated switch is used as the switching technology of the switching capacitor. The safety gauge capacitor forming machine has changed the heavy structure of the traditional reactive power compensation device, so that the new generation of low-voltage reactive power compensation equipment has the characteristics of better compensation effect, smaller volume, lower power consumption, lower price, more cost saving, more flexible use, more convenient maintenance, longer service life and higher reliability, so as to adapt to the reactive power compensation of modern power grid.


Safety capacitor forming machine application areas: factories, residential power distribution, municipal commercial buildings, traffic tunnels, box-type transformers, complete sets of cabinets, outdoor distribution boxes. The intelligent low-voltage energy-saving power capacitor is based on the self-healing low-voltage power capacitor, and the safety capacitor forming machine takes the intelligent measurement and control processor as the control center, and realizes the zero-crossing control of the controlled silicon through the microelectronic hardware and software technology. And extend the contacts of the mechanical magnetic latching relay. Time switching, to achieve low-voltage power capacitor mechanical magnetic relay and thyristor composite switching circuit of the zero-switching technology, and then to achieve 0.4KV low-voltage line power factor compensation. The safety gauge capacitor forming machine integrates the independent research and development results of sensor technology, network technology and newer electrical technology, and makes it intelligent, miniaturized and networked. Compared with traditional low-voltage reactive power compensation products, the operation is simpler, the interface is more intuitive, there is no professional requirement for users, and it has an automatic cycle switching function.

Safety Capacitor Forming MachineThe structure breaks through the existing low-voltage reactive power compensation device, and realizes the new mode of decentralized control and centralized management. The compensation system has the advantages of few components, small temperature rise, small size, low power consumption, anti-harmonic and so on. The structure is simple, easy to standardize, flexible capacity allocation, safe and reliable, economical and easy to use. Predict the input capacitance, increase the active power of the distribution transformer, reduce the expansion investment, and reduce the loss of the compensation system.

Decentralized real-time switching improves the stability of the compensation system. Zero-crossing control reduces the impact of surge current on the system voltage, thereby stabilizing the system power grid, reducing equipment loss, and extending the service life of service-level capacitors, which is of great significance to energy conservation and environmental protection.

Safety Capacitor Forming MachineIt is also widely used in power systems with low-voltage induction loads such as urban power grids, rural power grids, civil buildings, factories and mines, petrochemicals, electrified railways and railway transportation, as well as reactive power compensation in low-voltage distribution networks to improve power factor and reduce line loss. Stabilize grid voltage, ensure power supply quality, and significantly save energy consumption.

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