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  • On October 29th, meet at Shenzhen Munich South China Electronic Production Equipment Exhibition
    The main products are knife type splitter, curve splitter, aluminum strip splitter, capacitor bending machine, resistor bending machine, LED bending machine, capacitor cutting machine, capacitor molding machine, power tube Forming machine, casing machine, screw machine, etc. We are committed to market research. In order to improve the production efficiency of enterprises, save production costs and solve the problem that it is difficult for enterprises to hire general workers, we customize non-standard automation equipment for customers. The company has been focusing on crystal heat sink assembly equipment, various automatic Development of locking screw machine equipment.
  • Automatic lock screw machine
    Affected by machine substitution, low-tech blue-collar jobs will disappear one by one. As the pace of transformation and upgrading of various industries has accelerated in recent years, more and more industries have begun to explore machine substitution.
  • Precautions for the purchase of hand-held automatic locking screw machines
    There are many hand-held automatic locking screw machines, which can be said to be varied, but there are also many counterfeit products, so you need to be extra cautious when purchasing, so how should you choose? Let’s learn about it together: Step 1: Check whether it can be screened: In actual production, there may be special-shaped screws such as flash, flat head, large head, etc. inside the hopper. If the screw machine can automatically screen out the special-shaped screws during the operation, there will be no jamming, that is, one of the conditions of being a good screw machine is satisfied. The second step, check whether it can be replenished: when we carry out
  • Analysis of knowledge of automatic locking screw machine
    There are also many types of automatic locking screw machines, such as desktop double ZY-axis locking screw machines, or floor-standing Z-axis placing 6 electric screwdrivers, etc., all of which are called six-axis locking screw machines
  • Where is the automation upgrade of wire harness processing equipment?
    Multi-industry integration and innovation, helping wire harness processing equipment enterprises to upgrade automation Industry 4.0 is both an opportunity and a challenge for the wire harness processing industry
  • A large inventory of electronic processing inspection, X-Ray equipment has obvious advantages
    Today, Suzhou Zhuomao Optoelectronics, a professional X-ray equipment manufacturer with more than ten years of development history, has independently developed and produced a variety of X-ray equipment according to customer needs after years of technical experience accumulation.
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