Introduction to the role of multi-knife plate splitting machine


Multi-blade plate splitting machineAdopt programmable controller control, man-machine interface, Chinese and English display, counting, air pressure detection and other alarm functions. The lower mold automatically pushes and pulls when working, which reduces labor intensity and improves safety. At the same time, the finished product is very convenient to take and place. Among them, the division efficiency of the large-sized printed circuit board and the flexible printed circuit board (FPC) of the bandpass channel is particularly remarkable. There are safety sensors. Mold matching, simple mold change. Then, next, we will introduce you to the functions and applications of the multi-blade splitter.


The multi-blade splitting machine can automatically push and pull during the working process, which reduces labor intensity and increases safety. At the same time, the finished product is very convenient to take and place. Suitable for the electronics industry, such as mobile phone boards, memory cards, mobile phone cords, etc. The efficiency of the FPC is particularly significant for the division of large-sized slotted printed circuit boards and flexible printed circuit boards. There are safety sensors. Mold matching, simple mold change.

Multi-knife plate splitting machine is suitable for cutting all kinds of V-groove PCB board, SMT circuit board, aluminum substrate, LED circuit board, LED light bar, with good effect, fast speed and no damage to circuit board. Mainly used in LED industry, SMT industry, mobile phone/mp3 industry, electric toy industry, electronics industry and other industries. Imported high-speed steel blade, long service life.

Multi-blade plate splitting machineIt can reduce the stress generated by the distributor, avoid cracking of the tin can, and the safety is very high. The emergency stop switch is controlled by manual and double switches. Sometimes, even if the hand accidentally presses the key, the emergency stop switch cannot be activated.

If there is any problem, immediately stop the emergency stop switch. Set up a safety door to prevent accidental entry of hands during installation and debugging. Normal operation of the safety gate is not possible. Equipped with induction device. Mold is on the wrong plate. Photographing the device will produce errors. Cannot enter the mold. Set the safety air pressure. If the load capacity is exceeded, it will automatically alarm and stop.

The multi-blade plate splitting machine replaces the defects of manual cutting plate, V-shaped cutting plate or thrust, which greatly improves product quality and reduces the scrap rate. The cutting stress is about 1% of the handbrake and 0.1 of the punch, which greatly reduces the potential damage to the PCBA board. High machining accuracy, smooth machining surface without burrs.

Multi-blade plate splitting machineYou can cut straight lines, arcs, curves, and slashes. Such a splitter has greater flexibility and adaptability than feeder plates, aluminum substrate splitters and optical strip splitters. Using high-speed spindle to process circuit boards, with low color separation and high precision, it is suitable for circuit boards of various shapes. At the same time, the mobile dual stage can be divided and placed at the same time, and can also cut different shapes of printed circuit boards at the same time. The low dust collection method is adopted, which conforms to the principle of free fall, has good dust collection effect, and is more firmly fixed during cutting to prevent cutting accuracy error caused by inaccurate position.

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