What are the benefits of multi-blade splitting machine in V-slot cutting


From the very beginning,Multi-blade plate splitting machineIt has been applied to the electronics manufacturing industry and has continued to innovate and develop so far. It has been used in various industries, such as automotive electronics, computer digital, LED industry, etc. The dispenser device makes a great contribution. As the electronics manufacturing industry has higher and higher requirements for pcb, more and more people choose multi-blade splitter, which ensures efficiency on the one hand and improves yield on the other. As one of the devices in the V-slot, what are the advantages of multi-blade splitter over V-slot equipment?


1. More efficient: multi-tool plate splitting machine is a form of multiple sets of tools at the same time, which can split the whole panel at one time. The tool can be between 1-20 groups, that is, the number of one-time can be as high as 20, which greatly improves the efficiency;

2. Labor-saving: It can be connected to the upper and lower board machines, fully automatic online production, realizing unmanned operation, saving labor costs for enterprises, and the daily output of 10 yuan can reach more than 10000 pieces;

3. Easy to operate: the knife is easy to learn, ordinary employees can learn through training.

The multi-blade splitting machine adopts programmable controller control, man-machine interface, Chinese and English display, counting, air pressure detection and other alarm functions. The lower mold automatically pushes and pulls when working, which reduces labor intensity and improves safety. At the same time, the finished product is very convenient to take and place. Among them, the large size of the bandpass groove and the division efficiency of flexible printing (FPC) are particularly significant. There are safety sensors. Mold matching, mold changing. Then, next, we will introduce you to the functions and applications of the multi-blade splitter.

Multi-blade plate splitting machineIn the working process can automatically push and pull, reduce the labor intensity, increase the safety. At the same time, the finished product is very convenient to take and place. Suitable for the electronics industry, such as mobile phone boards, memory cards, mobile phone cords, etc. The efficiency of FPC is particularly significant for large size slotted flexible segmentation. There are safety sensors.

Operate the multi-blade distributor before application to ensure timely power supply. After turning on the power of the switch, please confirm the plan, and the corresponding display indicator does not flash. The whole process to do electrostatic induction safety, the PCB slot card on the head, stop the corresponding display.

The multi-blade plate splitting machine is suitable for PCB, SMT circuit, aluminum base, LED circuit, LED light bar and other products with various ONG into five slots, with good effect, fast speed and no damage to the circuit board. Mainly used in LED, SMT, mobile phone/mp3, electric toys, electronics and other industries, imported high-speed steel blades, long service life.

Multi-blade plate splitting machineIt can reduce the stress generated by the plate splitting machine, avoid tin cracking, and have very high safety. The emergency stop button is controlled by manual and double switch. Sometimes, even if the hand accidentally presses the key, the emergency stop switch cannot be activated. If there is a problem, the emergency stop should be stopped immediately. A safety door is set to prevent accidental entry of hands during installation and commissioning. Set for safety air pressure. If the load capacity is exceeded, it will automatically alarm.

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