Introduction to the functional characteristics of the multi-blade distributor


Multi-blade plate splitting machineHob-type quantitative planning, one-time completion of the micro-shear stress cutting stroke, suitable for cutting PCB circuit boards with metal grooves. The goods move along the guide rail, and the upper and lower knife edges are laid separately to ensure the quality. The shear stress is reduced to smaller, and the power of plate splitting is higher.

Multi-blade plate splitting machineFunctional Features

1. Simple operation and fast speed. The multi-blade plate splitting machine uses a common method to cut a single ONG into five slot connecting plates for many times. The cutting of the circuit board is completed by the blades of the Jurassic World Group 3, and the upper and lower pieces are a group to form a cutting unit group. They were group A, group C and group three. The whole cutting process is divided into three stages. Group A blades first cut the ONG of the circuit board into about 40 yuan of the Wu slot, then the blades run over the slot cut by blade A again, and complete the ONG into about 40 yuan of the Wu slot again.


2. Since the amount of each cut is very small, the stress of the cutting process is reduced by more than 80 yuan compared with the traditional one-time blocking method. The edge of the divided circuit board is smooth and lubricated, and the board surface is very flat without distortion and warpage. It is currently on the market to ensure that the aluminum plate is not deformed after cutting.

3. Due to repeated cutting, the cutting process is very stable, which greatly improves the positioning ability of the V-CUT groove. Even if the circuit board with very shallow V-CUT groove, the V groove will not jump out of the guide knife, thus preventing the occurrence of defects. The equipment is equipped with or without speed control equipment to control the speed freely, with positive rotation control knob and emergency stop button to improve the production power..

4. The upper round knife can be adjusted accurately, without friction cutting, no tool metal residue. The tool is manufactured by a professional tool factory, and the raw material is Japanese high-speed steel.

Multi-blade plate splitting machineA knife dispenser equipped with a storage function can store 100 tuple data. If it is stored product data, you can download and use this function immediately without setting. Allows quick replacement, disassembly and mechanical multi-piece cutting operations. The programmable controller is used to accurately control the path splitter, and the unattended automatic splitter of the feeding mechanism is realized.

The multi-blade distributor has less stress and is suitable for various circuit board types. The choice of double-sided circuit board with components can effectively prevent the problem of paint film damage and solder damage. There is a multi-knife plate splitter on the machine, which can adjust the width of the plate according to different specifications of PCB boards.

Due to multiple cuts, the process of the multi-blade plate splitting machine is very stable, which greatly improves the positioning ability. Even a circuit board with a very shallow middle cutting groove will not jump out of the guide knife to avoid adverse effects. The operation process of each corresponding machine is different, and the function of each multi-blade distributor is also different. Let all consumers choose better machines for their employees.

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