Introduction to the advantages of multi-knife plate splitting machine


Multi-blade plate splitting machineThe upper and lower blades form a set to form a cutting unit. Compared with the traditional one-time cutting method, the stress generated by the process is reduced by more than 80% due to the small amount per time. The edge of the separated circuit board is flat and smooth, and the board surface is very flat without distortion or warpage.

The multi-knife plate splitting machine splits the whole plate at one time and can be docked up and down to realize unmanned operation. It is not only convenient to install, but also simple to operate and set up, which can save a lot of personnel, time and manpower. Small space occupation, to save the operation time. The multi-knife plate splitting machine can cut multiple sets of knives at the same time, and divide the whole plate at one time to ensure that the divided plate will not deform and warp at the same time, with high efficiency and strict control of the degree of deformation.


The multi-knife dividing machine adopts imported TBI screw, which has high positioning accuracy and small force on the cutter head. Using door opening protection device, high safety performance. The multi-knife plate splitting machine can automatically feed and cut plates, which is more efficient. Connect up and down the board machine to save labor. The blade material is imported high speed steel. The front distance of the blade is at least 3 mm from Jurassic World, and the thickness is 0.2 yuan mm. The meson size is customized according to the size of the printed circuit board. The service life is 50000 times, and it can be repeatedly turned over, ground and reused.

Multi-blade plate splitting machineUse multiple sets of upper and lower blades to crush at the same time. The bottom of the device is equipped with casters with adjustable foot cups to facilitate the movement of the device, and it needs to be stably fixed when not moving. The gap between the upper knife and the lower knife can be adjusted according to the ONG-shaped cutting pitch of the printed circuit board, the precision is controlled at 0.1 yuan mm, and the spacing between two adjacent groups of knives can be adjusted between 10 yuan and mm-25 yuan mm, which can quickly adjust the required width. The cutter starts to run, multiple sets of cutters cut the product at the same time, the whole imposition is divided into one time, and the product conveyor belt starts to run. After the product is divided, the conveyor belt stops immediately to ensure that the product stays on the conveyor belt.

The multi-knife distributor with storage function can store 100 tuple data. If it is stored product data, you can download and use the function immediately without installing it. Allows quick replacement, disassembly and mechanical multi-piece cutting operations. The programmable controller is used to accurately control the path splitter, and the unattended automatic splitter of the feeding mechanism is realized.

in useMulti-blade plate splitting machineBefore, the blade radius needs to be compensated, and then the handle fixing screw needs to be adjusted. When starting up, you need to fix the cardboard, determine the cutting point, and then gently press it with your hand to confirm whether it is in place. In the automatic segmentation process of the printed circuit board, the circular blade load can prevent the electronic components of the substrate from being damaged due to movement, reduce the thermal stress required for cutting the board to a low point, prevent tin cracking, manipulate the segmentation speed as a rotating button, and the board stroke can be freely Set and have an LCD display.

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