What are the operating procedures and functional characteristics of the multi-blade splitter?


The operation process of each corresponding machine is different, and the function of each multi-blade splitting machine is also different. Just like a piece of chocolate, every style is different, and the design and style are also different. To consider the customer's human requirements. Let all consumers choose better machines for their employees. Now, let's take a lookMulti-blade plate splitting machineoperating steps and functional features.

Before application, please confirm whether the power on/off power supply is timely when operating the knife multi-knife splitter. Perform switching power supply adjustment. After the switch is powered on, after confirming the schedule, please make sure that the corresponding display indicator does not flash. The whole process should do a good job of electrostatic induction safety protection, the PCB slot should be stuck on the head, the PCB slot should be placed on the head, and the corresponding display should be prohibited during the whole process. Step on the power switch until the head stops working.


Blade radius compensation must be performed before using the multi-blade splitter, and the handle must be adjusted to fix the screws after completion. When opening the machine, fix the cardboard, determine the cutting point, and then gently press it with your hand to confirm whether it is in place. In the automatic segmentation process of the printed circuit board, the circular blade load can prevent the electronic components of the substrate from being damaged due to movement, reduce the thermal stress required for the cutting board to a low point, prevent tin cracking, manipulate the segmentation speed as a rotating button, and the board stroke Can be set freely, and there is an LCD display.

What are the functional characteristics of the multi-knife splitter?

microcomputer controlMulti-blade plate splitting machine, you can make automatic boards. All the advantages of the utility model aggregate distributor are as follows: it can avoid problems such as low power, dark damage to the circuit board, and tin cracks. It has a wide range of applications, and there are components on both sides of the circuit board.

Multi-knife plate machine with storage function of walking knife plate machine can store 100 sets of data. If it is stored product data, you can download and use this function immediately without setting. Allow quick replacement, disassembly, and mechanical multi-piece slitting operations. The programmable controller is used to accurately control the path splitter to realize the unattended automatic splitter for the supply mechanism.

The multi-blade distributor has relatively small stress and is suitable for a variety of circuit board types. The choice of circuit board with components on both sides can effectively prevent problems such as paint film damage and solder tin damage. On the machine, the width of the material board can be adjusted according to the PCB of different specifications.

Due to multiple cuts, the cutting process of the multi-knife plate splitting machine is very stable, which greatly improves the positioning ability of the V-CUT groove. Even if the circuit board with a shallow V-CUT groove is used, it will not jump out of the guide knife to avoid adverse effects.

The above content introducesMulti-blade plate splitting machineThe operating procedures and functional characteristics of the, I hope you can help after reading.

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