Sharing the functional advantages of the multi-knife distributor


Multi-blade plate splitting machineThe upper blade and the lower blade form a group to form a cutting unit, respectively a, B, c,3 groups. The whole cutting process is divided into three stages. Group A blades first cut 40% of the circuit board, and then group B blades re-run in the grooves cut by group A blades to complete 40% of the cutting volume again. Then, the C set of blades cut and cut after 20%. Because the amount of each cut is small, the stress generated during the cutting process is reduced by more than 80% compared with the traditional one-time cutting method. The edge of the separated circuit board is flat and smooth, and the surface of the wood board is very flat and will not be twisted or deformed.

The multi-blade splitting machine can split the entire board at one time, and can be docked up and down to realize unmanned operation. It is not only easy to install, but also easy to operate and set up, saving a lot of staff, time and manpower. Small footprint, greatly saving operating time. The multi-tool split machine can cut multiple sets of tools at the same time, and divide the entire work order at one time, so that the separated work order will not be deformed, and can strictly control the warpage, efficiency and degree of deformation.

Multi-blade plate splitting machineImported TBI screws are used, with high positioning accuracy and low tool force. Multiple knife splitters are protected by safe and high-performance doors. The multi-knife plate splitting machine automatically supplies and cuts the plate, which is more efficient. Up and down docking cardboard machine, saving labor. The multi-blade splitter blade material is imported from high-speed steel. The distance between the blade and the front end of the blade is at least 3mm, and the thickness is 0.2mm. The size of the meson is customized according to the size of the printed circuit board. The life span is 100,000 times. It can be turned over and ground repeatedly and reused. According to the specific situation, the blade can be rotated and polished two or three times.

The multi-knife splitter spends a lot of time on safe operation, and has a very good protection for the hazards caused by some common operational errors, so that the probability of some accidents in the work has been well reduced. This is not only for The operator is very well maintained, but also a more stable guarantee for other tasks in the entire production process.

Multi-blade plate splitting machineUse multiple sets of top and bottom blades to separate simultaneously. The bottom of the device is equipped with casters with adjustable cups to facilitate the movement of the device, and it should be stably fixed when not moving. The gap between the upper and lower knives can be adjusted according to the V-shaped cutting gap on the printed circuit board. The accuracy is controlled at 0.1mm. The gap between two sets of adjacent blades can be adjusted between 10mm and 25mm. The required width can be adjusted quickly. The knives start to work, multiple sets of knives cut the product at the same time, and the entire imposition is divided once. The product conveyor belt starts to work. After the division is completed, the conveyor belt stops immediately to ensure that it stays on the conveyor belt.

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