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Maintenance of automatic lock screw machine

Any mechanical equipment needs maintenance, and the automatic locking screw machine is no exception. Briefly introduce 9 aspects of daily maintenance of automatic locking screw machine.

1. Daily maintenance methods
1. Keep it ventilated and dry. 
2. Regularly clean the screw silo to ensure that the silo is clean. It is recommended to blow out the residue in the silo with high pressure air. 
3. Regularly clean the nail feeding system to ensure the smooth operation of the nail feeding system. It is recommended to add some grease to the moving part regularly.
4. Regularly clean the screw track to ensure that the screw runs smoothly in the track.
5. Keep it clean. When not in use, use an oily cloth to wipe it as much as possible, and do not touch it with water.
6. Check frequently, the anti-rodent trachea wire will affect future use. Due to its intelligent and precise structure, if there is any use problem or maintenance, please contact the manufacturer at 0755-27909809 in time, and do not disassemble and assemble by yourself. 
7. Regularly perform plug-in ventilation to check performance.
8. Regularly clean the outer surface of the chassis. 
9. Please turn off the power when not in use. 


At the same time, it is also necessary to use screws that meet relevant standards. The precautions are as follows:

1. The screws used have no defects such as foreign objects, mixing, flower heads, etc., otherwise it will cause the equipment to jam;
2. The position of the locking screw should be as uniform as possible to avoid different depths, uneven surfaces, and small space;
3. The selected screws should be commonly used, a large number, and a small variety to improve the use efficiency of the automatic locking screw machine;
4. When using the automatic locking screw machine, try to use screws of the same specification on the same product.

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